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We have been in business installing Insulated Concrete Forms since 1998. We were the first contractor in our area to work with ICF's, and because of this, we have more experience than anyone else installing ICF's, both below and above grade. We have also been doing decorative concrete and concrete overlays for many years also. We began fabricating Concrete Countertops in 2005, again being the first in our area to enter this new concrete medium. There are several reasons why we stand out from our competition. They are:

By incorporating the above items into the way we do business, we have gained an excellent reputation which has put us at the forefront of the ICF industry. We have found that all of the above qualities are what really matter to our customers.


As mentioned above, our company has 8 years of experience installing Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's) in the area. We also have 16 years of general concrete experience. We started installing ICF's when there were only 4 ICF manufacturers. Today there are over 80 manufactures and counting. That shows that the popularity of ICF construction has grown dramatically.

Having experience is the most important thing when choosing someone to install a job. With ICF's as well as concrete overlays, concrete countertops, and decorative concrete floors, there is always a learning curve that can only be mastered by experience.

When we install an ICF job, our walls are plumb, straight, square, and flat on top. We have developed several different tools to help achieve this. Our foundations do not leak, and our walls either above or below ground are free of voids.

When we do a decorative floor or overlay, we use only the highest quality materials from the mix we use to the sealer we apply to the floor. There are many different sealers that can be applied to decorative concrete. Many of them are cheap, and need reapplication every year. The sealer we use is extremely durable, and is difficult to scratch. It is more expensive, but well worth the money.

When we fabricate our concrete countertops, we engineer them to minimize cracking. We also use the highest quality sealer that makes them extremely stain & scratch resistant. Again, being first in our area to fabricate concrete countertops, we have an advantage over our competition in the form of experience, and there is no substitute for it.


With Experience comes efficiency. When we install a project, there is no wasted time that is going to cost our customers money. When we bid out a project, our bid is our bond. There are no surprises on our part or on the customers part. We will not give you a lowball price to get the job, then add extras to the job as we go. In each facet of our company, everyone knows exactly what needs to be done, so we can get your project done well and in a timely manner.


Quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals. We do not use cheap products and materials, because our customers' satisfaction is far more important than a few extra dollars in our pocket. We found out long ago, that a good quality installed project that may take a few extra hours, by far outweighs a callback from the customer. We use the products that we do because they have performed the best, and have resulted in the highest customer satisfaction. We have an excellent reputation because we do quality work.

Products Used

The products we use contribute to the quality of our work. We use the Phoenix ICF for our concrete homes. We own part of the company that manufacturers the form, so that puts us in the unique situation of being able to install the product we manufacture. This makes the product better as well as streamlines the installation process. The Phoenix ICF is the fastest form to install in the field. There are many unique benefits that allow for many material and labor savings during installation. The phoenix ICF has a very open tie system that allows concrete to flow well through them. The Phoenix ICF has a pullout value on it's tie greater than that of a 2x4, and greater than any other form on the market today.

We use Permacrete for our concrete overlay and stucco systems. Permacrete has been manufacturing their concrete overlay systems longer than any other company today. They have developed a wide range of products for many different applications. Permacrete is unique because the actually manufacture all of their own products, and they stand behind what they sell.

For our Custom Concrete Countertops, we use proprietary materials in our mix that minimize cracking. We also use proprietary materials that give our concrete countertops the look and durability that should be expected from Concrete Countertops. No-one else in our area can do what we can do.

In our Decorative Floors, we use the same materials and techniques as we do in our countertops. We don't do this because it is less expensive. We do this because we know these products work, and we want the customer to not only be satisfied, but also be very happy with their project.


We are a company who understands the needs of the customers.

We work with our customers in many different ways, because we understand that sometimes money is an issue. With our Phoenix ICF's we have different packages that we can work with the homeowner on. They range from full installation to selling the forms to do-it-yourselfers with proper training. Our schedule is flexible to accommodate our customers. If you can only meet with us on a night or weekend, that is not a problem for us. Give us a call, we are available for appointments anytime.


We are a customer-oriented company. We take pride in every project we do, and we stand behind our installations. If for any reason, a customer has a problem, or is unhappy with the installation on a project, we will do whatever is necessary to fix the problem. We will work around your schedule to get the problem fixed. We didn't get our reputation by avoiding our customers when they call with a concern.

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