Decorative Concrete Overlays

permacrete.jpgWhy Choose Concrete Overlays?

Concrete overlays are an inexpensive alternative to replacing old scaled or "peeled" concrete that is still structurally sound. After an overlay is applied to a deteriorated concrete surface, it can have a broomed finish to look like new concrete, or it can be decorative. Overlays can also be used to give your patio, sidewalk, driveway, or other concrete surface a decorative look. Compared to the cost of removing and replacing concrete, concrete overlays can be done for a fraction of the cost. Warranties are also available with our Concrete Overlay System.

We use overlays manufactured by PermaCrete. PermaCrete resurfacing products have been in use since 1990. They manufacture & distribute their own product which keeps the quality of their product at a very high level. PermaCrete was developed when it was found by George Henderson (Owner of Permacrete) that a huge untapped market for resurfacing worn and deteriorated residential and high-traffic commercial concrete surface areas existed. Since then They have developed a full line of products to go with their signature concrete overlay line. These products can be used for applications in and around swimming pools, over wood, brick, tile, steel, and Styrofoam. Their products can be used for stucco on vertical residential & wall systems. Permacrete has developed a line of epoxies for garage, warehouse, and industrial floors as well. To view the Permacrete Decorative Overlay Gallery, click on the link below.

Concrete Overlay Gallery

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