Decorative Concrete Floors

Why Decorative Concrete Floors?

Concrete floors are tough, durable, and can last a lifetime. Now they can also be beautiful. There are things that can be done with concrete that can not be done with other kinds of flooring. Designs can be completely customized to your style. With concrete anything is possible.

There are many ways to make a concrete floor look beautiful a few of them are:

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Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping is the art of pouring concrete, usually with an integral pigment to add color. After the concrete has set up enough, special stamps are used to imprint the concrete to make it look like stone, tile, pavers, cobblestone, and even wood planks. This process can use a colored release agent for the stamps to produce an antiqued effect. This process is normally done on exterior surfaces, because the stamps leave a rough surface that is good for non-slip surfaces. below are a few examples of concrete stamping.

staingarage.jpgConcrete Staining

Concrete Staining is a process where either acid stains or acrylic dyes are used to make concrete a different color. Acid stains react with the free cement particles in the concrete, and permanently etch the color of the stain into the concrete's surface. There are 8 different colors to choose from, and they can be mixed to give a dramatic effect. Acrylic stains are a water based dye that is either sprayed or brushed on the concrete. Acrylic stains come in a variety of bright colors that accent the acid stains nicely. Below are a few examples of concrete staining.

stencilappliedcolor.jpg stencilbuffet.jpgConcrete Stenciling

Concrete Stenciling is a process where adhesive stencils are placed on the concrete's surface. The stencils can then either be stained a different color than the floor stain, or can be acid washed to reveal the concrete's original color. Stencils can dramatically beautify and further enhance a concrete stain job. The stencils can be custom made to any shape size and pattern. Below are a few examples of concrete stenciling.



house_floors0011.jpg house_floors0004.jpgIntegral Color Techniques

We have developed a few different techniques using Integral color in concrete. the techniques we use have applications in both new and existing concrete. We use integral color and different techniques when pouring the concrete to create a one of a kind texture that is not available with any stamp or overlay system. No one else in our area does this, so with this technique your floor will truly be one of a kind. Below are a few examples of the techniques we use.

house_floors0005.jpg house_floors0007.jpgEmbedded Objects

One other technique that can make a beautiful concrete floor is embedding objects in it as it is being poured. Objects that are used on the surface could be leaves, plants, or anything else relatively flat and thin. Other objects can also be embedded and left in the concrete's surface. Things like decorative glass, rocks or other objects can be used. Below are a few examples of some leaves we used in a job, then stained them to look like they fell from a tree.

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